Sunday, September 28, 2008

June Birthday

Here are a few pictures from the double birthday party. There were alot of people all of whom were family and it was hard to get alot of good pictures. We did have two of the newest members of the family present, Kayla and Livia, our newest baby girl cousins!

Autie Tearsa and Jordan

Auntie Shawna and Auntie Tearsa with Madeline and her new Little Mermaid Build-a-bear.

Nana Simmering holding Kayla and Madeline happily posing.

Auntie Marie holding Livia and Auntie Elice holding Madeline

Jordan, Will, and Madeline having a good time eating lunch on the deck.

Auntie Becca and Madeline.

Jordan's most prized possesion, his green light saber.

I think she is having fun opening her presents. It felt like Christmas having both of the kids opening gifts at the same time.

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Tam said...

Yay! (applause) It's great to see pics of the fam. Your kids are getting so big! Thanks for the update...keep 'em coming!