Sunday, September 28, 2008

June Birthday

Here are a few pictures from the double birthday party. There were alot of people all of whom were family and it was hard to get alot of good pictures. We did have two of the newest members of the family present, Kayla and Livia, our newest baby girl cousins!

Autie Tearsa and Jordan

Auntie Shawna and Auntie Tearsa with Madeline and her new Little Mermaid Build-a-bear.

Nana Simmering holding Kayla and Madeline happily posing.

Auntie Marie holding Livia and Auntie Elice holding Madeline

Jordan, Will, and Madeline having a good time eating lunch on the deck.

Auntie Becca and Madeline.

Jordan's most prized possesion, his green light saber.

I think she is having fun opening her presents. It felt like Christmas having both of the kids opening gifts at the same time.

Field Trip

The kids had a great field trip to a local farm. This was towards the end of the year and we were very glad it didn't rain.

She had fun feeding bread to the chickens and ducks.

They saw kittens, bunnies, and pigs in the barn.

This was before she tried to hold one of the kittens and it scratched her and she started crying.

Group shot after eating a snack together.

Preschool Graduation

Here are a few pics from preschool graduation. Madeline did a great job singing for their program, but it was hard to get any good pictures while they were on stage because the place was so packed and the teachers were standing right in front of them helping them with their hand motions.

All the kids on stage singing.

Mrs. Johnson giving Madeline her diploma

Madeline has her diploma! She is ready for Kindergarten.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Remembering Mother's Day

These pics were taken on Mother's Day 2008. We had lunch after church at the Outback with my family and Mike's parents. It was a fun day.

Jordan's smile is so cute with his missing teeth!

Madeline is looking so tired in the car on the way there.

It is always hard to get a group family photo. We managed to get me and Mike in this photo but Madeline was probably sitting with various Aunties by this time of the day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A few more cute photos

Madeline and Daddy!

How can you not love these two dressed up for Christmas service on Sunday. They even match!

Christmas Day

We woke up early around 6:45am and the kids were ready to see what Santa had brought.

We managed to get one picture before we got into the stockings.

You might see a theme here. She kind of likes Disney Princesses.

Jordan is trying to get into his stocking that is very full.

After our morning at home we headed out to the Simmering's for gifts and family fun!

Jordan is very interested in Auntie Marie's camera.

Gramma and Grampa Penson enjoyed being with the family too.

It actually started snowing after we arrived at my parent's house so we had a white Christmas. The kids and everyone else enjoyed this year's Christmas. It was one of the best yet!

Christmas Eve pictures

We had Christmas eve with the Lewis' at our house. It was fun to spend time together and open gifts. Say cheese Auntie Becca!

As always there was lots of running around and laughing. Sometimes it is more fun to play with people than with toys.

Madeline and Jordan loved their new fleece blankets! And of course they are some of the most blessed children and received so many nice gifts!

New Pictures & Update

The kids got to sit on Santa's lap at Madeline's preschool Christmas program. They were a little shy, but both got to tell Santa what they wanted for christmas.

We took a trip to the Pittock Mansion where they had each room decorated as a different fairy tale for Christmas. I was able to take a week of vacation before Christmas and this was one of our family outings. The kids had fun walking through, but it was often hard not to touch everything!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby Teeth

The past couple of days have been interesting around the Lewis house. In our 4 1/2 years of parenting so far we have been pretty lucky to not have to deal with any major emergencies with the kids. But on Wednesday this week Jordan changed that record. He somehow managed to fall on the floor face first and knock in two teeth. With me being at work when it happened, Mike was the one that dealt with most of the difficult stuff. I left work early to come home and then took him to urgent care to get checked out by a doctor. He was fine except for the teeth that were slanted inward pretty far. Thursday morning he visited the dentist and they told us that the teeth would need to come out. One was broken off of the root and the other was twisted and need to come out as well. Mike was the one who had to accompany Jordan to the appointment and help get everything taken care of. Jordan and Mike both did a great job and survived the ordeal! This type of thing generally falls under my job duties as the mom, but things at work prevented me from being able to take Jordan. I am so thankful that Jordan is ok, and he seems to be going on with life as if nothing ever happened. Kids are amazingly tough! I am just hoping that our little boy does not get in the habit of getting hurt.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Really long update

Since it has been so long since I last updated my blog I am feeling way behind on posting pictures and family news. Although we have no major, life altering new we have had a busy summer and are excited about the fall season. The kids have gotten so big and seem to have changed so much over this summer. Madeline just started preschool and is so excited about that. Jordan is talking constantly in long sentences now and that makes things very interesting since we already have a little girl who talks constantly! Here are some pictures of things we have done over the summer and I hope to keep things more up to date now.

Watermelon is so good on a hot summer day at the park!

Jordan likes to be as silly as possible and will do anything to get our attention and a laugh.

Madeline and Jordan are always willing to pose for the camera and play nice, but off the camera they have their fair share of fights these days!

Mike and the kids have made several trips to the zoo this summer. Since we have a membership it makes for an easy way to have fun.